Chips and grids

Dear Friend,

I wanted to get some crystal chips sorted today into colours and / or types. I’ve been talking about it for long enough.

I’ve made some progress but it’s neck-breaking work.

The light in here is quite poor and the chips, being chips rather than tumblestones, are pretty small.

So that means peering at them under a lamp, which brings about the neckache.

But it’s good, because I’ve made a start and it’s something that needs doing if I’m going to get these crystal grids off the ground.

Speaking of grids…

I have started the first one, using Metatron’s Cube as the guide. So here it is.

Yes, it’s only four inches across, but that’s deliberate. Not everyone has loads of space for this sort of thing, and I want them to be available to everyone.

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out. I’m just sort of going with what feels right, and the numbers are for crystal positions.

Of course, we don’t have to use all 19 positions, 13 would also be good, or even just 7. But I want the versatility to begin with while I practice and see how it works.

I love the fact that whichever number of positions I use, they’re all prime numbers. That appeals to my inner geek lol.

It’s unusual for me to have numbered them clockwise when, as a leftie, I stir anything I’m cooking anticlockwise. I don’t know which way I’ll activate it but it might vary depending on who I’m creating for. I guess I’ll find out…

My next stage will be choosing the crystals to put into the grid. And for that, I need to decide who it’s for.

Suppose I’d better do me, to make sure the premise is sound and it works!

Now just to work out which aspect of me to work on first <sigh>. So many to choose from! But it’s Sunday, and that means work tomorrow. It also usually means less sleep. So that’s where I’ll start.

One better sleep grid, hopefully coming soon. And I’ll report on the results too.

With love,


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