Focus? Fo… get it!

Dear Friend,

I am so tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally. The spiritual side seems OK for now, which is something, but the rest of me is dragging.

I need a crystal grid for energy, like… stat! Not that I know what ‘stat’ actually means, I’ve just heard it around so much that I think I know how to use it.

But crystal grids seem complicated!

So I need simple steps. Back to basics. Dumbed down. Walk me through it one crystal, one placement, one step at a time.

But it’s not happening. Why not? Because I can’t focus for toffee.

If it was the end of the week I’d say OK, I’ve done a week’s work, I’m allowed to be tired.

Except it’s Monday, damn it. And I have a full week ahead of me, and a family visit on Saturday.

It’s not the ideal time to be empty of energy.

And the clocks went back too, so I had an extra hour in bed.

Fat lot of good that does, when you can’t sleep. And I couldn’t. I had a serious case of ‘Ican’tgetcomfy-itis’.

<sigh> I have to overcome this somehow. Carnelian’s meant to be for energy and I know I have some, so I’ll dig it out and hold it for a little while.

Ask it to share its energy with me while I try and breathe through the tireds.

And I’ll give myself grace, too, to feel this shattered and unfocused.

After all, I need no-one’s permission except my own. And I’ll grant it to myself.

Then I might play with my tumble chips, because they’ve been in a plastic cup for months (probably years) and they need some attention.

It might be just what I need. A little colour and a little lift on the spiritual side.

Until next time, look after yourself. Because nobody else can do it as well as you. Give yourself what you need and the permission to feel it all.

With love,


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