Dear Friend,

Yeah, I still haven’t sorted my crystals. But I’m getting closer.

I bought enough plastic containers to sort them into colours, which will definitely help.

And I have my first client too – a Christmas present for someone close to me.

I have no idea how I’m going to ship it safely yet lol. Nemmind, one thing at a time.

First, I want to prove to myself that crystals, and crystal grids, work. And that means I need a guinea pig.

That’ll be me then!

I certainly have enough issues at the moment – I had a migraine Thursday night and yesterday. I have problems trying to lose weight. I am a chronic worrier and I don’t sleep well. And I have little to no energy.

If I manage to sort myself out, I have a second guinea pig – my hubby.

He has tendonitis and psoriasis, and tends towards depression as a result.

In fact, he might be the easier one to deal with, except he’s rather pragmatic. But he’s agreed to give it a go if what he’s currently trying doesn’t help. He has until the end of the month.

Which gives me a little while to sort these crystals!

But slowly, it’s all starting to come together. All in good time. Divine timing, you might say.

With love,


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  1. I am right there with you Ella. Seems everything at once and attempting to go through the “noodles” to find the end and pull the thread. Thank you for sharing. It helps me to know I am not alone on this journey. 🙂

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