Irresponsibility on the Internet

Dear Friend,

I attended a pre-recorded webinar today about dropshipping. It was very interesting, but… the sale price was 2000 dollars or thereabouts.

And that was before upselling.

I had already explained to the admin person that I was on a tight budget.

My version of a tight budget (100 to 200 dollars), which I didn’t tell them, clearly didn’t come anywhere near the price tag of the course (which was the reason for the webinar in the first place but I already knew there’d be a sales pitch for something).

So when they asked was I going to sign up I said no, because I didn’t have the budget for it.

The admin person said “that’s ok, we can do a monthly plan”.

I said no, I’m in a temporary job so I can’t predict my income, and I already have debts to pay.

They said “that’s OK, you’re in the UK. You can apply for PayPal Credit”.

I said no, I’m already trying to pay off my debts and starting to make progress. That won’t work.

They said “that’s OK, we can apply payments to multiple credit and debit cards. Why not find yourself a partner that will invest with you and shoulder some of the cost?”

At this point, I got seriously weirded out and closed the window.

They weren’t listening to the “I’m already in debt” statement and were in for the hard sell.

Is it just me, or is this a *seriously* irresponsible attitude? To be so blind to someone’s situation that you want them to get into *more* debt?

And to try and drag someone else in, too?

How does this help their business model, exactly??

All this does is show that they don’t really give a damn about the person they’re trying to recruit. The money is more important than the person.

They’re *way* off base, my friend.

For me, the internet is all about *people*. Making connections, developing friendships, lifting each other up. Empowering oneself and others.

Not dragging someone down into the suffocating despair of more debt, which was where today’s webinar was headed.

I did get some useful info out of it, but possibly not enough to offset the 1 3/4 hours that I spent watching it when I could have been sorting my random crystal tumblestones bag.

Guess what I’ll be doing next? 🙂

With love,


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  1. Hi Ella, I have also watched into these types of people and run the other way as fast as I can. I am not sure what can be done about them, and they probably hook many people just because of the guilt people feel for not be able to afford their product. Thanks for the info.

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