I Have Too Much Stuff

Dear Friend,

I can’t find my pendulums. I have a small pouch of them somewhere, but…

Oh, the irony!

Because… pendulums can be used to dowse for missing items. And it’s something I want to learn how to do, but the only one that I can find is one that doesn’t resonate with me much right now.

That might change, of course, as it was a gift for a big birthday, but at this moment it’s not helping.

Maybe I should see if I can get hubby to use it on my behalf. It might be a better match for him.

But I want my amethyst one to start off with, and to remind myself what the others are – as they probably have different things that they’re going to be good at, as they’re different crystals.

Wonder where they are? That’s one of the problems with having too much stuff. It’s all over the place and I can’t find what I want.

Not to mention the CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff) or CRAFT syndrome (Can’t Remember A Flippin’ Thing) that comes with age and many day-to-day distractions.

Oh well, they’ll turn up if they’re meant to be used. Otherwise, I’ll be off to Amazon.

With love,


Later: I caved, and have a new set of three from Amazon. Yes, one of them is amethyst. And I spent two hours looking through the boxes of stuff in my living room before giving up. But the new ones are lovely and if I can just start attuning with them I should be on my way.

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