Turning Point Tuesday

So this alliteration thing isn’t working for me. Yes I like to be clever with words, but instead what it’s doing is hindering my creativity. And I don’t like when that happens.

I don’t generally come up with the ideas for posts until late in the day, when I can’t get something written before I go to bed, so it would be posted late. Not good enough.

So after a discussion with a dear friend, I’m changing direction with the blog.

It’s fair to say my mind jumps around a lot, but also so do my interests and passions. Part of the quirky person I am, I guess.

So, starting later today, I want to document the evolution that my life is going through. In terms of spiritual development, what I’m guided to write about, where my life’s headed, what I’m coming up with ideas-wise. Things like that.

Basically, my life journey from this point on. Mainly spiritual and mystical, but also financial and personal. Because I’m not frightened of having my life on the internet, and my experiences might help someone else. 

Or you can laugh along at the crazy shizzle that I do and go through. 

It’s all good to me.

And feel free to ask questions, offer comments, throw in topics for discussion, all the interaction stuff!

Everybody’s welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a sarnie from the picnic basket (I might be one short), and enjoy!

With love,


(PS I’m only explaining this once: Ella = L A, my first and last initials. IYKYK)

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